Thinking outside the box

At the launch of the BBC’s latest TV talent show, Let It Shine, Gary Barlow claimed that “jukebox musicals have got predictable”. Barlow, most well known as being a part of Take That, is currently working on The Band – a musical using the group’s songs, but apparently not a piece of bio-theatre. No doubt […]

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Worst shows of 2016

At times this year it felt like I was being subjected to a torrent of terrible shows, but looking back on it has proved that has not been the case at all. It’s actually been quite difficult to come up with a ‘worst shows’ list, with a dearth of truly awful shows & a few […]

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Money makes the world go around

Over the past few months I’ve become increasingly incensed at the cost of visiting the theatre now. True, for some it’s an infrequent treat so you might be more willing to splash out, but for many it’s their favourite form of leisure activity and will regularly see shows several times a week. If you want […]

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All Or Nothing

The latest in the line of jukebox musical offerings to open in London is All Or Nothing, a show about legendary mod band The Small Faces. As with many of the bands from that era, theirs is a story seemingly perfect for dramatising: a heady mixture of ambition, rivalry, love & money. They tasted great […]

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