My favourite shows of 2015

And I thought it was difficult to pick my top shows of 2014… In 2015 I’ve been to see 55 different shows – but, as you’ve probably figured, a few of those have been seen on multiple occasions! In all, I’m up to a total of 230 shows so far, and am hoping to make […]

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Sunny Advent

In place of an actual advent calendar this year, I decided it would be fun to look through my memories of Sunny Afternoon so far and pick out some highlights to create a virtual advent calendar! Yes, my picture is terrible (I only had Paint to my disposal, OK?) but you get the idea. So […]

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Kinky Boots

September saw one of the most eagerly anticipated openings of the year: the West End transfer of Kinky Boots. Opening on Broadway in 2013 and based on the film of the same name (and real events), Kinky Boots tells the story of reluctant Northampton shoe factory owner Charlie (Killian Donnelly) and how his chance encounter […]

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Step One

First preview. Sacred ground, as we discovered in the Hamlet furore. So don’t worry, I’m not going to review the very first preview of the West End transfer of Kinky Boots – other than to say I absolutely fell in love with it, and will definitely be making my way back to the Adelphi sooner […]

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The show must go on: part 3

One of the many plus points of going to see a show so many times is the opportunity to see a variety of actors in the same roles, as the principal cast either unfortunately get ill/injured, or (more happily for them) take a well-earned holiday. Having now seen Sunny Afternoon 111 times, I’ve managed to […]

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All my friends would ask me…

Telling someone you’ve seen a show on multiple occasions can provoke a variety of responses: shock, awe, horror, curiosity… I’ve seen these reaction on a regular basis over the past few months as I’ve totted up my trips to one Sunny Afternoon. Most often this is during the interval, so I end up freaking people […]

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My first West End Live

West End Live has become one of the most hotly anticipated weekends for theatregoers everywhere. Two days of talent being showcased to thousands of people in a very broad audience. What’s not to like? Now I live in London I actually have the chance to go to events like this. So… Up I woke at […]

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The show must go on: part 2

I wrote a few months ago about understudies and used Sunny Afternoon as a bit of a case study. Since April, the number & identity of the Sunny understudies has changed considerably – so I though it was about time I wrote about them too! Nick Sayce has been with the show since it arrived […]

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