End of 2018 report

Gone are the days of one show or one venue to rule them all! Obviously I will still happily make repeat visits to shows – or follow them around on tour – if I really enjoy them, but variety has very much been the spice of life in 2018. That covers venue as much as […]

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Jermaine and Elsie

Winner of the Best Drama Award at last year’s Portobello Film Festival, Jermaine and Elsie tells the story of two worlds colliding through the form of a short film. Jermaine is a carer who’s always willing to go the extra mile, and sticks with it even if he’s not treated in the nicest way – […]

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Coming up in 2017…

Whilst obviously we all remain hopeful that this year isn’t going to be as bad as last year, it’s probably a good idea to distract ourselves with art and escape into Theatreland. And luckily it seems to be shaping up rather nicely! I already have quite a few nights booked up to keep you interested […]

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Sunny Advent

In place of an actual advent calendar this year, I decided it would be fun to look through my memories of Sunny Afternoon so far and pick out some highlights to create a virtual advent calendar! Yes, my picture is terrible (I only had Paint to my disposal, OK?) but you get the idea. So […]

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Robin Hood

I feel I should say this before I go any further: I really am not a fan of pantomime. So why did I choose to go & review one this year? Good question (and no, that’s not a cue for audience participation). I guess curiosity was a major factor. I went to one or two […]

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Thank you for the days…

So Jessica, who runs the Sunny Afternoon Twitter fan page (and who I’ve only known properly for a few weeks), challenged me to go to every evening show of Sunny Afternoon in a week. Other than the hit to my bank balance, this didn’t appear to be a problem to me! And as I’d already […]

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They’re not like everybody else

I’ve recently celebrated my 30th visit to the Harold Pinter Theatre for Sunny Afternoon! So that got me to thinking… What new things have I been noticing on my multiple visits? Special day for me today: my 30th trip to @KinksMusical! — Debbie Gilpin (@Deborah_Deborah) January 23, 2015 If you’ve not seen the show before, […]

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