Worst shows of 2018

As we live in a world where people appear to be increasingly defensive, and criticism (however constructive) is simply batted away, I feel I absolutely need to stress from the outset that this is just my opinion. I would write ‘Least favourite shows of 2018’ as the title, but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue […]

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Day 7: “It was Greek to me”

I’ve been noticing a bit of a trend this year for all things Ancient Greek – whether it’s TV programme Troy: Fall of a City on the BBC, stage productions of ancient plays, or shows inspired by myth & legend. Aside from the Tudors, Ancient Greece was my absolute favourite topic. It was great to […]

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Becoming Shades

First presented at the 2016 Postcards Festival at Jacksons Lane, Becoming Shades has been extended and runs for the entirety of this year’s VAULT Festival. In the words of director Laurane Marchive, it is “a symphony of live music, physical theatre, aerial acrobatics, fire, dance and mime, all tied together through immersive theatre”. A fair bit to […]

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