Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four

“The game is afoot!” Blackeyed Theatre are back on tour with another adaptation of a classic work of literature – this time writer & director Nick Lane has turned to Arthur Conan Doyle, tackling Sherlock Holmes’ The Sign of Four. This is the second full novel featuring the famous detective, following on from A Study […]

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Puppets 2017: a summary

After choosing in 2016 to focus on Shakespeare (in the 400th anniversary of his death), I went completely different this year and made it my mission to learn more about, and see more shows featuring, puppets. I have a longstanding love of puppets, grown mainly from Edd the Duck and the Muppets – and there […]

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Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein was revolutionary in its time; written just over 200 years ago by an 18-year-old, it set the parameters for the horror genre. It continues to shock even now, remaining a cultural reference that is immediately recognisable to all. To celebrate the bicentenary of its initial conception, last year Blackeyed Theatre Company débuted […]

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The Great Gatsby

This weekend I continued my foray into a variety of theatre, and satisfied my thirst for all things twenties, by heading over to Greenwich Theatre for Blackeyed Theatre’s production of The Great Gatsby. What was immediately noticeable on entering the auditorium was the striking minimalism of the set. Victoria Spearing‘s design manages to encapsulate every […]

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