EFF 2019: final thoughts

The first thing I want to do is formally express surprise at the lack of a freak out throughout my stay in Edinburgh – and as I’ve struggled to catch up with everything since then. Hit with a non-compliant laptop the night before my trip, having to head up there on the overnight National Express, […]

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Crocodile Fever

From the outside, Alannah seems content: her home is in pristine condition, keeping her occupied for the best part of each day. It’s a quiet existence – all the more so with her sister Fianna’s long absence. But is she really happy? And could there be a deadly dark secret ready to burst out of […]

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EFF 2019: preview

After last year’s baptism of fire, I definitely learnt some lessons. Though some of my planning has been slightly last-minute again, I did at least recognise the need to dedicate a significant period of time to just sifting through all of the shows. Yes, I could just use the plentiful ‘top shows to see’ posts […]

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