MT Fest UK: launch

It is now just one week until MT Fest UK kicks off at The Other Palace, which will include not just musical showcases, but also talks and concerts. Last week the festival was officially launched in The Other Palace Studio, with exclusive performances from Evelyn Hoskins & Luke Bayer, and an insight into the event […]

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The Distance You Have Come

Move over, jukebox musicals, for in The Distance You Have Come we have what I’m going to call a ‘jukebox song cycle’. Because it’s not what I’d call a musical, by any means, but it’s also not strictly what I understand a song cycle to be; usually song cycles are individual numbers that are designed to be […]

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Miss Atomic Bomb

Sheep farmers, the army, a failing hotel & the nuclear science effort collide in the effortlessly fun (and brand new) musical Miss Atomic Bomb. Making its world première at the St James Theatre in Victoria, the show was co-written by Adam Long, Gabriel Vick & Alex Jackson-Long and takes its inspiration from the atom bomb […]

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