SeeAbility concert

On Sunday, a group of hugely talented people gathered in Richmond to perform at a concert raising money for a locally based charity, SeeAbility. In particular, they were raising awareness of a campaign called ‘Children in Focus‘. Did you know that a child with a disability is 28 times more likely to have some form […]

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Sunny Advent

In place of an actual advent calendar this year, I decided it would be fun to look through my memories of Sunny Afternoon so far and pick out some highlights to create a virtual advent calendar! Yes, my picture is terrible (I only had Paint to my disposal, OK?) but you get the idea. So […]

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Day 6: Will we still be here?

Friday night certainly left a nasty taste in the mouth. The worst thing is, as hard as I tried I think I burst a few people’s bubbles after what had apparently been a really good show! I can certainly agree that the first act was bloody marvellous, but the second… I can barely remember what […]

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All my friends would ask me…

Telling someone you’ve seen a show on multiple occasions can provoke a variety of responses: shock, awe, horror, curiosity… I’ve seen these reaction on a regular basis over the past few months as I’ve totted up my trips to one Sunny Afternoon. Most often this is during the interval, so I end up freaking people […]

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Moments of ecstatic happiness

I’ve had a bit of time for last Wednesday’s events to sink in now, so thought I’d share a few of my favourite moments from the show itself with you. It really was such a wonderful night. I keep getting odd flashbacks and replaying bits in my mind! (So if my eyes glaze over and […]

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“What a buzz!”

It’s all been building up to this: my 100th Sunny Afternoon. My 100th Sunny Afternoon. Sorry, I have to keep saying it, as it still doesn’t seem real! And how did I prepare for this big day? With two hours of sleep… I genuinely felt too excited! More excited than a kid on Christmas Eve. […]

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The show must go on: part 2

I wrote a few months ago about understudies and used Sunny Afternoon as a bit of a case study. Since April, the number & identity of the Sunny understudies has changed considerably – so I though it was about time I wrote about them too! Nick Sayce has been with the show since it arrived […]

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