Globe 2019: Henriad Trilogy Day

When the new season was announced, I have to admit I was rather pleased; not only were we finally about to see some history plays in the main Globe Theatre, but I’d also get to tick off another couple from the Shakespeare list while I was at it. When the RSC brought their Henry cycle to […]

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Day 7: Shakespeare and Remembrance

For my final evening of challenge week I thought it was only right that I head to the Globe, especially as they were putting on a Remembrance-based event to mark the centenary of Armistice Day: Shakespeare and Remembrance (“The harsh and boist’rous tongue of war”). Now, this is more my fault than anything, but I […]

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Day 2: Shakespeare’s Stages

Renowned actor Michael Pennington counts himself as “lucky enough” to have played Hamlet twice, as well as the role of King Lear – and many of you will probably have seen him in one Shakespeare or another at some point. I fondly remember his portrayal of Antigonus in the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s The Winter’s […]

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Day 1: Brush up your Shakespeare

If you mention the name William Shakespeare to someone, there’s a good chance the first word that pops into their head will be ‘boring’. (Or ‘who?‘, in the case of a worrying proportion of school children.) This word association likely harks back to school days, being forced into writing essays on one of the Bard’s […]

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Henry V (Antic Disposition)

One of Shakespeare’s most popular history plays, Antic Disposition first put on Henry V in 2015 as a “multiple anniversary production”: their 10th, and the 600th and 100th of Agincourt and the second year of the First World War. There is an element of metatheatricality to this play anyway, but this is brought more to […]

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2014 in Theatreland

I’m working on an obligatory ‘top shows of 2014’ post, but just for now I thought it would be interesting to see exactly what shows I’ve managed to see this year – it’s ended up being quite a range… …until you reach the end, that is! Apologies – not the best formatting ever, but it’s […]

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