Time to rock the boat

Having recently fallen in love with the current production of Guys and Dolls, I got to thinking about the state of musical theatre. There has been an ever-growing trend in converting films into stage shows (musicals, more often than not), as well as the ever-popular jukebox musical format. Whilst these are unquestionably new to the […]

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Oliviers in Concert

This year the Olivier Awards celebrate their 40th anniversary. They began life as the Society of West End Theatre Awards, changing their name eight years later at Laurence Olivier’s agreement. The awards celebrate the best achievements in the performing arts over the past year (musicals, plays, dance & opera), and the ceremony itself acts as […]

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60s week

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve had a bit of a thing for the 60s of late. Well, more specifically The Kinks, but hey! So I’ve hit on the fantastic idea (for me at least!) of having an entire 60s week in Theatreland. It means I can all but live in one […]

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2014 in Theatreland

I’m working on an obligatory ‘top shows of 2014’ post, but just for now I thought it would be interesting to see exactly what shows I’ve managed to see this year – it’s ended up being quite a range… …until you reach the end, that is! Apologies – not the best formatting ever, but it’s […]

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