Sunny Advent

In place of an actual advent calendar this year, I decided it would be fun to look through my memories of Sunny Afternoon so far and pick out some highlights to create a virtual advent calendar! Yes, my picture is terrible (I only had Paint to my disposal, OK?) but you get the idea. So […]

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Moments of ecstatic happiness

I’ve had a bit of time for last Wednesday’s events to sink in now, so thought I’d share a few of my favourite moments from the show itself with you. It really was such a wonderful night. I keep getting odd flashbacks and replaying bits in my mind! (So if my eyes glaze over and […]

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Day 1: Dead End Street

So this is it: the beginning of #SunnyChallenge! I must say I’m very glad of the Easter bank holiday right now… Our first challenge was to see how many of the #KinksAroundLondon locations we could find. Hopefully you’ve been following our progress throughout the day on Twitter! With some meticulous planning, we managed to check […]

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