Mind the Blog ‘on tour’ 2019

Even though I’ve become quite tired this year, and have tried to keep some sort of balance in there, I couldn’t resist nipping out of London every five minutes to see what was going on in theatres across the country. I even managed to start my 2019 theatregoing with a trip to Paris, courtesy of […]

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Mind the Blog ‘on tour’ 2018

I had such a good time travelling around for shows last year that I decided I should keep it up again this year. There may not be any international travel in there, but Mind the Blog has definitely covered a good proportion of Britain at least! With an incredible amount of irritation to be found […]

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Mind the Advent 2018

This year I decided that I should celebrate all my favourite people, places & things from theatre in 2018 – as there has been a considerable amount going on! #MindtheAdvent Day 1: Looking back to my recent adventures on #MTBChallenge18! Including @TheWiderEarth, @oldvictheatre, #MistyThePlay & @The_Globe… https://t.co/qwBIfBuEiY pic.twitter.com/bSDPpNEaH5 — Mind the Blog (@Mind_the_Blog) December 1, […]

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Let It Be: Tomorrow Never Knows

The Fab Four have returned with a show that’s set to start Beatlemania all over again – well, that’s what could have been… Let It Be is on a brand new tour with a revamped show that sees an imagined reunion of John, Paul, George and Ringo, the band performing a one-off concert on John’s 40th birthday: 9th […]

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2018 mid-year update

  Where have those six months gone? The year started off quite slow and steady, but all of a sudden things have picked up the pace again… It’s as if I never attempted to take things a little easier! As of this evening, I’ve managed to fit in 110 different shows – plus there are the […]

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60s week

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve had a bit of a thing for the 60s of late. Well, more specifically The Kinks, but hey! So I’ve hit on the fantastic idea (for me at least!) of having an entire 60s week in Theatreland. It means I can all but live in one […]

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