One of the breakout hits of last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Wildcard Theatre return in 2019 for a new run of their acclaimed show Electrolyte at Pleasance Forth. Written by James Meteyard, it features music and lyrics from Maimuna Memon. Electrolyte is a perfect example of the still emerging genre that is ‘gig theatre’; slightly […]

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We can be heroes

I’m not going to sit here & tell you David Bowie has always been my hero, because it simply wouldn’t be true. It would be an insult to your intelligence & his name to start proclaiming historic love – my cynical nature comes to the fore quite often when I see public mourning, unless I […]

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The Buskers Opera

2016 is turning out to be a good year for new writing. The latest in the line of new British musicals is Dougal Irvine’s 21st century successor to The Beggar’s Opera: The Buskers Opera. It tells the hidden story behind the London 2012 Olympics – an event widely lauded & the catalyst of a wave […]

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