Before you go… #3

It’s here. Doomsday. It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been to every show this week. There has been a strange mix of emotions & an odd feeling around the group that I can’t quite put my finger on. It has definitely been one of the best set of shows that I’ve gone to – in […]

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I can’t believe 4 months passed so quickly… In May it seemed like an age to wait (especially as this was set to be my very first festival), but it really snuck up on us. Doing #SunnyChallenge again in the build-up was both a silly & a brilliant idea! It knackered me out, but really […]

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Day 4: We do as we please

The tiredness is really setting in now, after reaching the halfway point. We’ve been doing a good job of sharing out the ticket buying this week, we Afternooners, and today it was my turn again. Though when the weather is this glorious I really don’t mind! It is still technically summer, and it actually feels […]

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Day 2: Oh so fine

So I got through the first day! Very tired for the whole of Monday. I think it was the first time I’d almost fallen asleep during some of the quieter sections of the second half… But I didn’t! The beauty of Sunny is that it is pretty well punctuated with songs, even if you don’t […]

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The show must go on: part 3

One of the many plus points of going to see a show so many times is the opportunity to see a variety of actors in the same roles, as the principal cast either unfortunately get ill/injured, or (more happily for them) take a well-earned holiday. Having now seen Sunny Afternoon 111 times, I’ve managed to […]

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All my friends would ask me…

Telling someone you’ve seen a show on multiple occasions can provoke a variety of responses: shock, awe, horror, curiosity… I’ve seen these reaction on a regular basis over the past few months as I’ve totted up my trips to one Sunny Afternoon. Most often this is during the interval, so I end up freaking people […]

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Moments of ecstatic happiness

I’ve had a bit of time for last Wednesday’s events to sink in now, so thought I’d share a few of my favourite moments from the show itself with you. It really was such a wonderful night. I keep getting odd flashbacks and replaying bits in my mind! (So if my eyes glaze over and […]

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