Lucy Light

Sarah Milton’s latest play, Lucy Light, began life as a single scene in 2015 (the very last one, in fact), going on to receive a professional reading the following year, before its first full production at Theatre N16 in 2017. Milroyd Productions have brought a brand new version of the play to this year’s VAULT Festival, […]

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Queen Cunt: Sacred or Profane?

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Queen Cunt: Sacred or Profane? It’s a great, intriguing title, and the strapline promises even more: to let us watch Deborah Ward and China Blue Fish leave their husbands, practice witchcraft, and destroy capitalism. Sign me up! In practice Queen Cunt is a sketch show, bouncing from the absurd to the […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Feed follows the heavily intertwined stories of a Palestinian woman; her social justice warrior, journalist partner; an obsessed hacker troll; and a YouTube makeup guru looking for a cause. It sounds like an unlikely cast of characters, but they end up whirling tightly around each other, following the ability of the […]

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At first glance, a gay serial killer (who also committed cannibalism and necrophilia) isn’t the most obvious choice for the subject of a 60-minute play. It’s something that should ideally have a degree of sensitivity to it, so as not to sensationalise their actions or make some sort of anti-hero out of them – instead […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Check-in/Check-out begins with six people sitting in a loose semi-circle. One of them stands up: “Hi, my name is Christopher, and I’m an alcoholic”. After a little light prompting, we progress around the circle, and after every admission, echo back the traditional second line: “Hi (name inserted)!”. The play progresses in […]

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good dog

Back in spring 2017, Arinzé Kene’s one-man show good dog made its debut. Inspired by the Tottenham riots back in 2011 (following the police shooting of Mark Duggan), it takes a forensic look at the dynamics of a community, as well as the motivations and dreams of the individuals within it. The play has been brought back […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey The lights come up on WOOD and we’re thrown right in; it’s the middle of a porn shoot and John is trying desperately to get it up. This involves some vigorous miming with a bicycle pump, and the first of many laughs rises up from the audience. I have to confess to […]

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Lipstick: A Fairy Tale of Iran

Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Confronting the schism in feminism between the east and west is a particularly daunting subject for many British artists – and with good reason. The complex historical and cultural backgrounds make creating poignant and sensitive entertainment challenging to say the least. Luckily, Sarah Chew – writer and director of Lipstick: A […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey A little disclaimer before I start with the business of the review; Portents isn’t just Portents, it’s three distinct performances, which – on the night I saw it – consisted of a spoken word performance by Chloe Mashiter, the play itself, and then an audio-visual experience by Laura Netz (which I […]

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