Alan Bennett’s first new play for over five years is the latest piece to take up residency at the Bridge Theatre, under the watchful of Nicholas Hytner. It follows the limited runs of Barney Norris’ Nightfall and the Laura Linney vehicle My Name Is Lucy Barton, with the auditorium returning to its original setup after […]

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The Laundry

With a running time of only 80 minutes, The Laundry packs a lot in as it moves to explore themes around female relationships and the bond between families. Written by Nicole Palomba, Audrey Thayer and Brandon Force, this two-act play tells the story of three generations of women and the struggles they’ve faced in life. […]

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Cafe of the Damned

Following on from 2017 Camden Fringe smash Dark Room, Jim Mannering is back with the second in a trilogy of comic thrillers – all taking place in the same odd universe, but each a standalone piece. This time we find ourselves in a seaside café of questionable quality (the specials board simply reads: NO EGG), […]

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Fat Jewels

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Fat Jewels is a tragi-comedy following troubled youth Pat and his sexually sinister ‘family friend’ Danny as, over the course of one night, their many murky issues begin to come to light. It is at turns incredibly uncomfortable to watch and then quickly, bizarrely hilarious. The mood is set early on during […]

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“Their manners are more gentle-kind than of our human generation you shall find”

Well. It’s been quite a week for the theatre etiquette brigade. I’ve been meaning to write a post in this vein for some time (my original one from 2015 feels a little out-of-date now), so with everything that’s been rumbling around since Tuesday night, I thought now was the time. In case you were unaware […]

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The Sweet Smell of Success

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Two weeks later and I’m back at the Susie Sainsbury Theatre! This time to see The Sweet Smell of Success, a Jazz musical based on the 1957 movie of the same name. In it we follow a struggling press agent, Sidney Falcone, as he cosies up to the most influential columnist […]

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2018 mid-year update

  Where have those six months gone? The year started off quite slow and steady, but all of a sudden things have picked up the pace again… It’s as if I never attempted to take things a little easier! As of this evening, I’ve managed to fit in 110 different shows – plus there are the […]

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