Nuclear War/Buried/Graceland

Boxless Theatre, Bag of Beard, Grindstone, and Take Two Theatricals have come together to present Nuclear War with Buried and Graceland. The three pieces are all set in very different places, but by virtue of common themes and styles they have been brought together as a triptych at the Old Red Lion Theatre. Buried – David Spencer (dir. Ryan Hutton […]

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The Noises

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey The Noises is about a dog. Her name is Luna, and she lives in a fairly ordinary house with a fairly ordinary family (a grouchy Ma, a submissive Pa, a beloved Ellie Girl). However, we have not caught Luna on anything like an ordinary day. She’s been locked into a room for […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Rattled is a window into a woman unravelling. Em is standing alone (or so she thinks) on a train platform. How she got there – and what she intends to do now that she is – is never revealed to us, but whatever it was, it is interrupted in the strangest way; […]

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It’s getting on for a year and a half since a wave of sexual abuse allegations were first made against American film producer Harvey Weinstein, which led to his disgrace and arrest – he is due to go on trial this spring. Following on from these allegations, the #MeToo hashtag reappeared and the Time’s Up […]

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Frances Farmer: Zombie Movie Star

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Frances Farmer: Zombie Movie Star is a weird one – and that’s not necessarily a criticism, because it is very much on purpose. Sitting above the Old Red Lion, you receive what is a partial lecture, partial monologue, partial existential crisis from tragic Hollywood starlet Frances Farmer and her musical zombie […]

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Seamus Finnegan teams up once again with director Ken McClymont for this brand new play, running at the Old Red Lion until the end of the month. With the official Brexit date looming large, and Prime Minister Theresa May clinging to power thanks (in part) to a deal with the DUP, a play examining the past […]



Poleroid Theatre have just begun a run of Kenneth Emson’s Plastic at the Old Red Lion Theatre, prior to a brief stint at the Mercury Theatre in Essex towards the end of the month; it was first performed as a work-in-progress at the 2015 Latitude Festival. Directed by Josh Roche, it explores the transition from childhood to […]

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