“But that’s what this is, isn’t it? The ultimate bitch fight.” Watching Mike Bartlett’s play Cock today, it seems strange to think that it was actually written 13 years ago, as it covers themes that are so resonant with life in 2022. Presumably it has had some tweaks over the years, as language and laws […]

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Out of 2021 – Into 2022

I’m slightly more ahead of the game this year than last year, as this is my official follow-up to my ‘favourite things‘, favourite digital shows & favourite in-person shows posts; a round-up of 2021 and a glance ahead to 2022. The main thing dominating the blog in 2021 was motivation – or lack thereof. It’s […]

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The Happy Prince

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” Prior to the showcase performance of a new musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince, the show’s composer Hal Cazalet ended his introduction with this quote from Wilde himself. And it’s so true. The tiniest nice gesture often comes from an instinctive […]

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A Very Very Very Dark Matter

We’re all familiar with many of the works of Hans Christian Andersen, whether in their diluted Disney format or in all their dark & unforgiving glory. But what if he wasn’t the one who actually wrote all of those stories? What if he, and another acclaimed writer of the day, in fact exploited a pair […]

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Mind the Advent 2017

You know what time of year it is – so I’ve just been through another Mind the Advent countdown! Time for another #MindTheAdvent! This time I'm celebrating some of the amazing performers I've seen in 2017, so without further ado… — Mind the Blog (@Mind_the_Blog) December 1, 2017 As I’ve seen a personal best number […]

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King Lear

Given the turbulent state of the world in recent times, it’s no wonder that the King Lears keep coming (indeed, a new screen version starring Anthony Hopkins has just been announced) – the latest just so happens to be one of the most hotly anticipated shows of the year. Jonathan Munby’s production sees Sir Ian […]

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