Kill Climate Deniers

How many climate sceptics does it take to change a lightbulb? None. It’s more cost-effective to live in the dark. For a group of activists in David Finnigan’s play, however, the solution is a little more drastic. When Environment Minister Gwen Malkin fails to explain the process of geoengineering the government are proposing to employ […]

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Drunk Women Solving Crime

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey I’ve never been to a live podcast recording before so I had a little trepidation going into Drunk Women Solving Crime, not knowing quite what to expect. Luckily the format, while sounding slightly niche, is universally pretty funny and easy to digest: three funny women sit around a table, drinking gin and […]

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Challenge Week 2018: round-up

It was a busy old week, wasn’t it? I managed to stick to my plan of two blogs a day, and did what I could to start some conversations on social media. I also got as much out of my theatre-related clothing & accessories while I was at it! Linked to the day’s events, where […]

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Day 4: For the Record

Following an acclaimed run at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Toby Thompson brings his current show For the Record to the Pleasance for one night only – it plays as part of the Caledonian Express series of Edinburgh transfers. Thompson is a spoken word & poetry writer and performer, described by Kate Tempest as “the […]

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It’s Not a Sprint

Guest reviewer: Thomas Froy “The doors are now open for ‘It’s Not A Sprint’ in the Downstairs Venue, and… it’s not a sprint”. The front of house at The Pleasance set the tone for the evening’s performance: predictable, but funny. Maddie (Grace Chapman) has turned 30 and has decided to run a marathon. A long […]

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Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Cormac sits, swirling in an office chair and singing along to the house music as the audiences comes in. Meet your new best friend. He’s about to take you on a very intimate journey. “Bingo. B-I-N-G-“ you can guess the rest.  At first, I was afraid Alan Flanagan’s (writer and performer) […]

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Guest reviewer: Jac Bradley Milly and Jasper are in a relationship. He wants to experiment in the bedroom and makes suggestions of ways to spice things up. Things start to become more complicated when Jasper heads off to Thailand for a month. As a going away gift, Milly gives him a GoPro camera. Strangely enough, […]

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