Kill Climate Deniers

How many climate sceptics does it take to change a lightbulb? None. It’s more cost-effective to live in the dark. For a group of activists in David Finnigan’s play, however, the solution is a little more drastic. When Environment Minister Gwen Malkin fails to explain the process of geoengineering the government are proposing to employ […]

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Night of the Living Dead Live

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Night of the Living Dead is an instantly recognisable title; George Romero basically kick-started the zombie genre in his 1968 flick, though they were just ‘ghouls’ then, a moniker adhered to in this: Night of the Living Dead Live. Not much else is taken on board though; the location, the basic […]

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Drunk Women Solving Crime

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey I’ve never been to a live podcast recording before so I had a little trepidation going into Drunk Women Solving Crime, not knowing quite what to expect. Luckily the format, while sounding slightly niche, is universally pretty funny and easy to digest: three funny women sit around a table, drinking gin and […]

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Challenge Week 2018: round-up

It was a busy old week, wasn’t it? I managed to stick to my plan of two blogs a day, and did what I could to start some conversations on social media. I also got as much out of my theatre-related clothing & accessories while I was at it! Linked to the day’s events, where […]

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Day 4: For the Record

Following an acclaimed run at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Toby Thompson brings his current show For the Record to the Pleasance for one night only – it plays as part of the Caledonian Express series of Edinburgh transfers. Thompson is a spoken word & poetry writer and performer, described by Kate Tempest as “the […]

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Challenge Week 2018

As it’s been well over a year since my last challenge week, I thought it was high time I came up with another. Obviously my previous efforts have had themes (the Globe last year, Sunny Afternoon several times before that), but I honestly couldn’t come up with a viable theme for my only free week […]

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It’s Not a Sprint

Guest reviewer: Thomas Froy “The doors are now open for ‘It’s Not A Sprint’ in the Downstairs Venue, and… it’s not a sprint”. The front of house at The Pleasance set the tone for the evening’s performance: predictable, but funny. Maddie (Grace Chapman) has turned 30 and has decided to run a marathon. A long […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey From the moment Willy came out on stage clothed in nothing but a pink towel and double nipple rings I knew I was in for a treat. For the next hour I watched rapt as he by turns interrogated the gendered sexual structures of his community, described his sexual (and culinary) […]

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