Mind the Advent 2020

After a break in 2019, I decided to revive #MindTheAdvent for 2020 – and of course focused on the array of online theatre that proliferated from March onwards… #MindTheAdvent Day 1: I have to begin with the show that started it all… @TSMGOnlineLive's The Two Gentlemen of Verona! Little did we all know how TSMGO would take […]

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The Show Must Go Online: Hamlet

If you thought last week’s alumni As You Like It was spectacular, The Show Must Go Online has gone one step further this week for Hamlet – introducing an alumni allstar special featuring a global cast of actors from the entire project so far. I’ve seen quite the range of Hamlets, from the sublime (Andrew Scott-led Almeida production at […]

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The Show Must Go Online: Julius Caesar

Once more unto Ancient Rome, my friends, once more… Wait, I’m still in Henry V mode! The Show Must Go Online took on Shakespeare’s political thriller Julius Caesar next – given that it’s director Rob Myles’ favourite of the Bard’s works, the pressure was on. From memory I thought I’d only ever seen one production of this particular play, but […]

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