Day 2: Shakespeare’s Stages

Renowned actor Michael Pennington counts himself as “lucky enough” to have played Hamlet twice, as well as the role of King Lear – and many of you will probably have seen him in one Shakespeare or another at some point. I fondly remember his portrayal of Antigonus in the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s The Winter’s […]

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Countless theories persist about the identity of William Shakespeare, thanks to his humble upbringing in Stratford-upon-Avon – and the so-called “lost years” of 1585-1592, where no evidence of his career or personal life exists. It is this period of time that Will et Compagnie seek to explore (alongside Unfolds Theatre) in their production of Victoria […]

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Macbeth (Unfolds Theatre)

2018 is shaping up to be the year of the Scottish Play – and first up is Unfolds Theatre, with their production of Macbeth at Bankside’s Rose Playhouse. The company are always keen to innovate, draw in new audiences and provoke discussion about their work, producing both new and classic pieces. I’m sure you’re all familiar […]

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Worst shows of 2017

Inevitably you remember the awful shows more, as they stick out in a sea of good and brilliant productions. Obviously when you see around 200 different shows you’re bound to come across a few duff ones, but I’m pleased to say that nearly all of the bad shows I saw can be found in this […]

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The Woman in the Moon

Initially performed as a Read Not Dead piece, before a production at the Rose Playhouse, The Dolphin’s Back have begun a limited run of John Lyly’s The Woman in the Moon in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. It has been billed as his “astrological sex comedy”, and a likely source of inspiration for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer […]

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The Tempest (Rose Playhouse)

Sea-Change Theatre Company, a recently founded women-only company, bring their adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest to the historic Rose Playhouse – it debuted last September at the Skala Eressos Women’s Festival in Greece. Their aim is to counter the pre-Restoration all-male productions, as well as provide new opportunities for women to perform. It follows Southwark Playhouse’s own […]

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