Favourite shows of 2016

It has been pretty hard to narrow down my customary top 12, particularly given the sheer number of shows I had to choose from – and how late I was still seeing new shows… There are a few that I’ve had to exclude from the list as it would be cheeky to have shows from […]

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Scena Mundi: Season 2017

Scena Mundi Theatre Company began in 2014, but the first time I saw them was during their ‘Sad Stories of the Death of Kings’ season as part of their residency at St Bart’s. Unfortunately I missed their Richard II, but I did see Edward II (all 80s hair rock & leather) and was easily drawn […]

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The Mechanicals in… Twelfth Night

To continue their ‘Shakespeare 400’ celebrations, classical theatre company Scena Mundi last Friday performed their new four-man abridged version of Twelfth Night, in the green surroundings of Albert Square Garden. In an inspired turn, it is presented as a ‘play within a play’. The four cast members appear as versions of the “rude mechanicals” from […]

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Fund Scena Mundi’s stockings!

If you have been avidly reading my blog since October last year, you should by now have heard of the wonderful theatre company that is Scena Mundi. I first saw them very nearly a year ago (thanks to the Theatre Tourist), in their production of Marlowe’s Edward II at St Bart’s (this made it into […]

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Scena Mundi: Othello

Following on from the success of Twelfth Night, Scena Mundi return with the second production in their ‘Mistaken Love’ season at the end of May: Othello. The tragic tale of the Moor of Venice; it explores power, race, trust & jealousy. Othello marries the virtuous Desdemona, but is soon influenced by the treacherous Iago and […]

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Favourite Shakespeare?

Given that I’ve only seen ten of his plays performed onstage, plus film & TV versions of a few others, this can’t be the most comprehensive post ever. And, as with many things, it is liable to change with different moods and be influenced by current interests. However, there is one of Shakespeare’s plays that […]

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Some are born great…

Twelfth Night, or What You Will is the latest production from the wonderful Scena Mundi, kicking off their Spring/Summer 2016 season in fine (and high) fashion at the French Protestant Church in Soho Square. It is a truly beautiful building. The company’s commitment to performing in historic surroundings is inspiring – it really provides an atmosphere […]

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Scena Mundi season launch

On Wednesday, in the cosy & quirky surroundings of Vout-O-Reenee’s, top classical theatre company Scena Mundi marked the official launch of their latest season. Based on the theme of ‘mistaken love’, it will bring two more of Shakespeare’s classic works to Soho for the spring/summer of 2016. The main focus of the season launch was […]

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My favourite shows of 2015

And I thought it was difficult to pick my top shows of 2014… In 2015 I’ve been to see 55 different shows – but, as you’ve probably figured, a few of those have been seen on multiple occasions! In all, I’m up to a total of 230 shows so far, and am hoping to make […]

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