Shit-faced Shakespeare: Hamlet

You know the score by now: one classically trained Shakespearean actor plus alcohol (in this case, a few lagers & half a bottle of vodka) always means Shit-faced Shakespeare! We’ve had quite a few Hamlets grace the stage over the past couple of years alone, but you won’t see another quite like this. For the […]

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Lady Macbeth is reviled as part of the villainous couple in Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish Play’, but why did she persuade Macbeth to go through with their bloody plan to take Scotland’s crown? Was she simply greedy & ambitious, or were there more sinister forces at work? Little Shakespeare Company proffers an explanation in their new play […]

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Knights of the Rose

Since its announcement back in March, the Arts Theatre’s latest show has been causing quite a stir in the capital – from a multitude of posters, to performances at West End LIVE and a horseback photo shoot on Tower Bridge. It is now open and is due to have a fairly limited run over the […]

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2018 mid-year update

  Where have those six months gone? The year started off quite slow and steady, but all of a sudden things have picked up the pace again… It’s as if I never attempted to take things a little easier! As of this evening, I’ve managed to fit in 110 different shows – plus there are the […]

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Globe 2018: The Winter’s Tale

Blanche McIntyre returns to the Globe to direct a new production of The Winter’s Tale. It was last seen at the Shakespeare’s Globe site in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in 2016 (not long after the Branagh Theatre Company had finished their run of the same play at the Garrick), and now forms part of the ‘Emilia’ […]

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