Globe 2018: Eyam

When the word ‘plague’ is mentioned, the chances are your first thoughts will be of the Black Death or the Great Plague that afflicted London in 1665. What you may not know is that, in the same year, an outbreak of plague made itself known in the small Derbyshire village of Eyam (pronounced like ‘Ian’ […]

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“Their manners are more gentle-kind than of our human generation you shall find”

Well. It’s been quite a week for the theatre etiquette brigade. I’ve been meaning to write a post in this vein for some time (my original one from 2015 feels a little out-of-date now), so with everything that’s been rumbling around since Tuesday night, I thought now was the time. In case you were unaware […]

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2018 mid-year update

  Where have those six months gone? The year started off quite slow and steady, but all of a sudden things have picked up the pace again… It’s as if I never attempted to take things a little easier! As of this evening, I’ve managed to fit in 110 different shows – plus there are the […]

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Globe 2018: The Winter’s Tale

Blanche McIntyre returns to the Globe to direct a new production of The Winter’s Tale. It was last seen at the Shakespeare’s Globe site in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse in 2016 (not long after the Branagh Theatre Company had finished their run of the same play at the Garrick), and now forms part of the ‘Emilia’ […]

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Play by Candlelight: preview

Only a handful of this year’s summer season plays have made their way onto the Globe stage so far, but already Michelle Terry is looking indoors to her first winter season as artistic director. “Join us this winter as we explore stories from the past, the ghosts of then, and the storytellers from yesteryear, and […]

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Globe 2018: The Two Noble Kinsmen

Though at one point the authorship was unclear, we’re now quite certain of Shakespeare’s collaboration with John Fletcher to create this final play. Exactly how much each playwright contributed isn’t cut & dried though – this sort of thing was probably quite common during Shakespeare’s time, but we’re no closer to working out how they […]

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