Meet Ryan O’Donnell

Last month, @SunnyAftFans named alternate Ray Davies (Ryan O’Donnell) as Understudy of the Month. Since that announcement, we’ve learnt that he will be taking on the leading role in Sunny Afternoon’s forthcoming UK tour! This weekend he also led the first full ‘Cover Kinks‘ matinée performance at the Harold Pinter. So, as is now customary […]

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The show must go on: Cover Kinks

Sunny history was made yesterday when, for the first time, an entire cover band of Kinks assembled for a matinée performance! Thanks to the World Cup 66 Live event clashing with a scheduled show, rather than cancel or postpone the decision was taken that the show must go on – and why not? Our brilliant […]

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The show must go on: part 5

I had thought that this particular series of blog posts had come to an end, with parts 1, 2, 3 & 4… But then good fortune intervened and our lovely honorary Team B member Alice Cardy finally got her chance to be Rasa! You know what I’m like when it comes to understudies, especially our […]

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Vote Sunny

I don’t think it’s possible for me to overstate my affection for this show. It’s almost too difficult to put into words, but also it seems to be continually growing each & every time. It amazed me enough when this happened last year with the original cast, but now history is repeating itself and I’m […]

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End of Team B week

So, this has been Team B week! Though for we Afternooners, pretty much every week is Team B week. Did I mention before that we love them? If you’ve been following all of our platforms, I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our heroes and learning more about them. If you’ve only just seen this now… Well, […]

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Meet Team B: Vicki Manser

It’s impossible not to love Vicki. She joined the show last April as cover for every single female role – even Mrs Davies! It took a little while for any of us to get the chance to see her onstage (we had a terrible knack of being otherwise engaged when she happened to be thrown […]

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Meet Team B: Ryan O’Donnell

Guest writer: @Helzbels Team B Roulette is my personal term for the occasions on which the Sunny Afternoon stage is graced by a seemingly random selection of the show’s enormously talented and versatile understudies. Very occasionally, a freak combination of cast holidays and illness can mean that the understudies get to perform in roles which […]

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Meet Team B: Alex Tosh & Rob Took

Sunny Afternoon’s most recent additions to Team B are Alex Tosh & Rob Took, taking over from Silas Wyatt-Barke (recently in The Lorax at the Old Vic) & Steve Pallister (promoted to full-time Mr Davies/Klein). Alex has made an immediate impression on Sunny Afternoon. Silas had become a firm favourite with the Afternooners, so his […]

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