The Flies

Exchange Theatre return with their production of Jean-Paul Sartre’s The Flies, running alternately in French and English at The Bunker Theatre for a limited time. The Flies is a reimagining of the bloody story of Orestes and Electra, who seek revenge for their father’s murder at the hands of their mother and her lover – this […]

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Queen Cunt: Sacred or Profane?

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Queen Cunt: Sacred or Profane? It’s a great, intriguing title, and the strapline promises even more: to let us watch Deborah Ward and China Blue Fish leave their husbands, practice witchcraft, and destroy capitalism. Sign me up! In practice Queen Cunt is a sketch show, bouncing from the absurd to the […]

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Most popular posts of 2018

I’m always fascinated by the stats page here – in particular, which of my posts end up attracting the most hits! It definitely can take you by surprise at times. So, here are the top 15 most viewed posts from 2018… 15. Section 2 Teamed with No One Is Coming To Save You is Paper […]

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Day 7: “It was Greek to me”

I’ve been noticing a bit of a trend this year for all things Ancient Greek – whether it’s TV programme Troy: Fall of a City on the BBC, stage productions of ancient plays, or shows inspired by myth & legend. Aside from the Tudors, Ancient Greece was my absolute favourite topic. It was great to […]

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Following last year’s debut play Dilate, George Jaques (playwright and founder of Athenaeum Productions) returns with his new play BREATHE. This time it is at The Bunker Theatre for a short run, directed by Hannah Hauer-King and starring a cast of six young actors – including Jaques himself. BREATHE looks at teen suicide, considering both the […]


GUY: A New Musical

Guest reviewer: Evie Freeman GUY: A New Musical (paired in the BREAKING OUT season with KISS CHASE) is about the difficulties millennials face when trying to find love on dating apps. The show revolves around a pair of friends: Guy (Brendan Matthew) and Tyler (Steve Banks). Tyler finds it easy to speak to, and gain connections […]

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Guest reviewer: Evie Freeman KISS CHASE is an interactive evening of speed dating. It gives you the chance to connect to a room of strangers, regardless of your usual romantic ‘type’, over an hour of games and activities. Within these games, planted actors within the crowd break into verbatim speeches, constructed from hours of interviews, give […]