Worst shows of 2016

At times this year it felt like I was being subjected to a torrent of terrible shows, but looking back on it has proved that has not been the case at all. It’s actually been quite difficult to come up with a ‘worst shows’ list, with a dearth of truly awful shows & a few […]

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2016 mid-year update

As we’re six months through the year, I thought it would be a good idea to check in and see how things are going. In January I set out a few shows that I really wanted to see, and made a few theatrical new year’s resolutions – how have I done so far? By the […]

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The End of Longing

It’s fair to say that the Playhouse Theatre has had one of the West End’s most varied programmes over the past few years, and its latest offering is no exception. The End of Longing is Matthew Perry’s debut outing as a playwright, which has just opened on the Embankment for a limited run. Perry is […]

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Coming up in 2016…

As I’ve managed to accidentally fall in love with the second Sunny cast (oops), I’ll now be going to that more often than I’d initially anticipated… But that doesn’t mean I’ll be letting everything else fall by the wayside! There are a few things that I want to see more than once, but hopefully there’s […]

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