Meet Megan Leigh Mason

Throughout September, we at @SunnyAftFans HQ celebrated Megan Leigh Mason as our Cast Member of the Month, taking over from the brilliant Charlie. Megan has some great moments scattered through the show, and gets quite a bit of stage time thanks to her also playing Dolly early on in the first act. I love seeing […]

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Day 2: Bewitching, beguiling

So it was my first day combining work with challenge week… It’s just as tiring being part-time as it was on my previous full-time weeks! It was a pretty full-on day at work, so knowing I had the show to look forward to in the evening made things a lot better. Especially as I ended […]

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Day 1: Bow to the inevitable

Sunny Challenge 4.0 got off to an early start, thanks to the fact that I had to travel back across the country to return to London – so straightaway I’m pretty exhausted. Perhaps doing the show six nights in a row is going to be a physical challenge after all? It’s hard to believe that […]

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Sunny Challenge 4.0

It’s taken a while, but I am now finally heading into my first challenge week with the 2015-16 class of Sunny Afternoon! Circumstances haven’t been on my side so far this year – either having money but not the time, or the other way round. Luckily a week freed itself up for the days leading […]

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Meet Ryan O’Donnell

Last month, @SunnyAftFans named alternate Ray Davies (Ryan O’Donnell) as Understudy of the Month. Since that announcement, we’ve learnt that he will be taking on the leading role in Sunny Afternoon’s forthcoming UK tour! This weekend he also led the first full ‘Cover Kinks‘ matinĂ©e performance at the Harold Pinter. So, as is now customary […]

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