Puppets 2017: a summary

After choosing in 2016 to focus on Shakespeare (in the 400th anniversary of his death), I went completely different this year and made it my mission to learn more about, and see more shows featuring, puppets. I have a longstanding love of puppets, grown mainly from Edd the Duck and the Muppets – and there […]

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Coming up in 2017…

Whilst obviously we all remain hopeful that this year isn’t going to be as bad as last year, it’s probably a good idea to distract ourselves with art and escape into Theatreland. And luckily it seems to be shaping up rather nicely! I already have quite a few nights booked up to keep you interested […]

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Children’s theatre

“Never work with children or animals” is the cliché. But what about sitting in an audience with them? In this case I’m talking about the former rather than the latter. This season I’ve spent a bit more time than normal in theatre aimed at children & families, and it’s been interesting to study audience behaviour. […]

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My favourite shows of 2015

And I thought it was difficult to pick my top shows of 2014… In 2015 I’ve been to see 55 different shows – but, as you’ve probably figured, a few of those have been seen on multiple occasions! In all, I’m up to a total of 230 shows so far, and am hoping to make […]

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The Lorax

Billed as a ‘show for all ages’, it’s hard not to be skeptical about how true that can be. Something that’s suitable for children can feel too young & simple for adults – similarly, shows that suit adults can go over children’s heads a bit. I’m thrilled to say that The Lorax ticks every box! […]

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