Globe 2020: “This wooden O”

I really enjoyed the last summer season overall (despite now being almost completely sworn off returning to the groundling life – people are just too rude & inconsiderate for me to countenance it as a viable option), and the 2019/20 winter season has just gone above and beyond so far. The Wars of the Roses […]

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Most popular posts of 2019

In terms of total views, 2018 was a bit of a freak year – so 2019 hasn’t managed to live up to it. However, it has continued on the trajectory that we would have been on had Mind the Blog 2018 not been so ridiculously popular… And, as ever, I’ve been watching the stats page […]

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Day 7: Playing Shakespeare

William Shakespeare continues to be one of the most influential figures in literature & the arts, with his birthplace Stratford-upon-Avon a popular tourist destination (as well as the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company). He has reached out into our daily lives, as many words & phrases that he included in his works still figure […]

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The Tempest (Lazarus Theatre)

Following a successful 2018 season, with the return of Edward II and new shows Lord of the Flies & A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Lazarus Theatre are continuing their Greenwich Theatre residency for another year. Their opening play is a new adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, directed by artistic director Ricky Dukes. Prospero and her son […]

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The Tempest (Iris Theatre)

Formed in 2007, Iris Theatre’s summer seasons have become a fixture in the London theatre calendar, producing a Shakespeare and family show to perform in the grounds of St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden. This year’s Shakespeare is his final solo play: The Tempest, directed by Daniel Winder. Aside from some wonderful sections of verse, it’s […]

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Worst shows of 2017

Inevitably you remember the awful shows more, as they stick out in a sea of good and brilliant productions. Obviously when you see around 200 different shows you’re bound to come across a few duff ones, but I’m pleased to say that nearly all of the bad shows I saw can be found in this […]

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The Tempest (Rose Playhouse)

Sea-Change Theatre Company, a recently founded women-only company, bring their adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest to the historic Rose Playhouse – it debuted last September at the Skala Eressos Women’s Festival in Greece. Their aim is to counter the pre-Restoration all-male productions, as well as provide new opportunities for women to perform. It follows Southwark Playhouse’s own […]

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The Buried Moon

With the RSC pushing the boundaries in their technologically innovative production of The Tempest (soon transferring to London’s Barbican), it feels like a good time to think around the story more – which is exactly what Laura Turner’s The Buried Moon does. Following a brief run at Bankside’s Rose Playhouse, it is currently part of the Old […]

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