Arthur Miller 2019: a summary

Before this, I’ve taken on Shakespeare, puppetry and Emma Rice; thanks to an early pattern in theatre scheduling, I decided this year had to focus on Arthur Miller. I started off really enthusiastically – it definitely helped that I was rather spoilt for choice in terms of productions of Arthur Miller’s plays in the first […]

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The Crucible

There is often a lot of chatter about ‘historical accuracy’ when anything set in the past (be it screen, radio or stage) is produced; this can cover elements such as how people spoke, how they dressed, etc. as well as the thorny issue of ‘what actually happened’. In writing The Crucible Arthur Miller addressed this with a short statement […]

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Super Duper Close Up

Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Lights up on the most wonderfully hideous dress I have ever seen. Then, Jess Latowicki opens her mouth and doesn’t stop for nearly 75 minutes. Made in China’s latest piece at The Yard is a bold, harsh and beautifully realistic look at the fantastical world of existing in the digital age. […]

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