My autumn almanac

You may recall that last year I made a bit of a festival of my birthday – what with it being my first living in London. No such extremes this year (I’m older and more tired), but a fun time nonetheless! After last year not being able to go to my favourite show on my […]

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Day 2: You Still Want Me

So day 1 is done. What was our challenge for day 2, I hear you ask? I said… Oh, never mind. This one is a bit of an ongoing one: find as many Sunny Afternoon posters as you can! If you find any, do take a photo (of yourself with the poster if you can) […]

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See my friends

The butterfly effect. You know, where a tiny & seemingly insignificant event can have massive consequences further down the line. I’ve been thinking about it recently, because of Sunny Afternoon. (What else?) The second time I went to see the show, I decided to go to the stage door afterwards. In the past, that was […]

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