Favourite shows 2019

Whilst I didn’t see as many shows as last year, I don’t think I had quite such a good run of shows in 2018 as I have this year – so making this list was no mean feat. As usual, there were some which were ineligible for the list as I’d seen them last year; […]

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Three years ago I took a bit of a chance on Theatre Re’s Blind Man’s Song, then last year it was the turn of The Nature of Forgetting – so it was only natural that I headed to Pleasance Beyond to see their new show, Birth at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Once again it has been […]

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The Nature of Forgetting

Theatre Re return to London with their latest show, The Nature of Forgetting. It launched at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is now on tour across the UK for the next couple of months; it follows in the footsteps of Blind Man’s Song. In creating the show, the company have worked with renowned UCL neuroscientist […]

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Blind Man’s Song

Theatre is obviously classed as one of the arts, but it’s not often that a show comes along that you can class as art itself. Blind Man’s Song definitely falls into this category. This expressionistic piece of theatre draws some inspiration from the surrealist movement (one example being the bowler hat worn by the central […]

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Blind Man’s Song: preview

Blind Man’s Song is described as a “wordless tale about the power of imagination”, and provides a unique insight into the world of the blind and visually challenged. Coming from the critically acclaimed Theatre Re, the production welcomed enthusiastic receptions nationwide in 2015 and is now set to run a three-week residency at the Pleasance […]

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