Not: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Imagine your typical romantic costume drama: gazing into the middle distance, extended pauses in conversation, frequent flashbacks & dream sequences, and forbidden love. Now imagine that Mel Brooks has got his hands on it – the result is Happy Idiot’s Not: Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Written by company co-founder Lawrence Russell, it’s a version of the D.H. […]

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Seussical the Musical

Take a trip into the fantastical world of Dr. Seuss this Christmas, as Immersion Theatre bring a brand new production of Seussical the Musical to Southwark Playhouse for a strictly limited run. Playing the Large, it’s one of two alternative festive offerings at the theatre this year, as The Night Before Christmas opens in the […]

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Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Cuckoo is a fairly timeless story – it charts a few days in the lives of teenage best friends Iona and Pingu as they wrestle with who they are and where they fit in within the strict social hierarchy of their tiny Irish suburb, Crumlin. Iona (Catriona Ennis) is an explosive […]

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Super Duper Close Up

Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Lights up on the most wonderfully hideous dress I have ever seen. Then, Jess Latowicki opens her mouth and doesn’t stop for nearly 75 minutes. Made in China’s latest piece at The Yard is a bold, harsh and beautifully realistic look at the fantastical world of existing in the digital age. […]

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Guest reviewer: Lola Claire A space littered with shoes, all sorts and sizes, neatly paired in rows. The set of Troy, at the Etcetera Theatre simply and effectively reverberates with the horrors of genocide. Collide Theatre’s production of Troy, by Dimitris Dimitriades, however is much more broadly about humanity’s love affair with violence. From fallen […]

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