Play by Candlelight: preview

Only a handful of this year’s summer season plays have made their way onto the Globe stage so far, but already Michelle Terry is looking indoors to her first winter season as artistic director. “Join us this winter as we explore stories from the past, the ghosts of then, and the storytellers from yesteryear, and […]

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Working (Royal Academy of Music)

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Working is a musical based on the book of the same title by Studs Terkel. It chronicles the varied experiences of the American working world, from waitress to corporate bigwig, delivery boy to socialite. It was updated in 2009 with new songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda – Delivery and A Very Good […]

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Section 2

Teamed with No One Is Coming To Save You is Paper Creatures Theatre’s new play Section 2. Written by up & coming playwright Peter Imms, it is based on his own experiences of a friend being sectioned – there is a growing number of plays (and indeed musicals) that deal with aspects of mental health, […]

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No One Is Coming To Save You

This Noise’s contribution to The Bunker’s BREAKING OUT programme is the two-person play No One Is Coming To Save You, written by Nathan Ellis. The title may be a bit of a mouthful, but it so effortlessly sums up the play – and modern life itself. And depending on how you look at it, this statement […]

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Guest reviewer: Kirsty Herrington Inspired by writer-performer Louise Coulthard’s own experiences with her grandmother, Cockamamy offers a heartfelt, personal and relatable insight into dementia. Alice (Mary Rutherford) and Rosie (Coulthard), grandmother and granddaughter, are a team; bonded by blood, family and loss following the death of Rosie’s mother and grandfather. They live together, enjoy watching […]

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Nine Foot Nine

Paired with Libby’s Eyes for BREAKING OUT is Sleepless Theatre Company’s Nine Foot Nine, written by Alex Wood. In the company’s words, it explores a “what-if” scenario that will get audiences thinking about a range of topics, from the balance between men & women, the human response to change, and our attitude towards people who are […]

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Libby’s Eyes

The first of six productions in The Bunker Theatre’s inaugural BREAKING OUT season is Amy Bethan Evans’ play Libby’s Eyes. Inspired by her own experience with the PIP system, the play explores our varying definitions of the word ‘functioning’ and how it affects the way we live our lives – what are the implications for the […]

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Seamus Finnegan teams up once again with director Ken McClymont for this brand new play, running at the Old Red Lion until the end of the month. With the official Brexit date looming large, and Prime Minister Theresa May clinging to power thanks (in part) to a deal with the DUP, a play examining the past […]



Guest reviewer: Thomas Froy Having negotiated my way into the Drayton Arms Theatre, I sat down for Clueless Theatre’s Two; a fast, fantastical, farcical evening of fun. Jim Cartwright’s 1989 classic ‘Two’ demands (two) tip top performers for a 75-minute whirl of energy and passion, and Piers Newman and Debbie Griffiths are up to the […]

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