Zog: UK tour announced

Following in the footsteps of productions such as Stick Man, The Gruffalo’s Child, Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales and The Scarecrows’ Wedding, Kneehigh’s Mike Shepherd has adapted Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler’s book Zog for the stage. It will feature an original folk score from actor & musician Johnny Flynn (singer-songwriter with The Sussex Wit), […]

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2018 mid-year update

  Where have those six months gone? The year started off quite slow and steady, but all of a sudden things have picked up the pace again… It’s as if I never attempted to take things a little easier! As of this evening, I’ve managed to fit in 110 different shows – plus there are the […]

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The Croydon Avengers

Guest reviewer: Jordan John Croydon is in a state of chaos and the refugee avengers are on the case. With the crime rate sky high, the Avengers (not those Avengers) are on hand to battle moped-driving thieves and generally be a helping hand to their community, good intentions throughout. At the heart of this 50-minute […]

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Sunshine on Leith

The first spark of an idea for this show came back in the noughties, when director James Brining decided it would be a good idea to create a brand new Scottish musical – writer Stephen Greenhorn came back with the thought of using the music of The Proclaimers and it took off from there. Since […]

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A Pint Sized Conversation

Guest reviewer: Ellen Casey Sit down, make yourself comfortable, because A Pint Sized Conversation wants to talk to you about mental health. But before you tense up and start avoiding eye contact, take a deep breath and look around! They have crisps! In all seriousness, it’s a sensitive subject and it can make some people […]

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Three Sisters

Guest reviewer: Lola Claire Remove all the men from Chekhov’s Three Sisters, and what do the sisters actually say? Lucky for us, RashDash are here to give us an idea; a glittering, exploding, anarchic idea in their take on the Three Sisters, now playing at The Yard Theatre. This show is not to be missed, […]

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The Nature of Forgetting

Theatre Re return to London with their latest show, The Nature of Forgetting. It launched at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is now on tour across the UK for the next couple of months; it follows in the footsteps of Blind Man’s Song. In creating the show, the company have worked with renowned UCL neuroscientist […]

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