What Girls Are Made Of

“They are made of sugar and spice, And other things, not ALL nice” Last year, Cora Bissett started going through her collection of old diaries, and the end result was What Girls Are Made Of: a gig theatre piece charting her teenage years spent as an indie rock star, and the knock-on effects that experience has […]

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EFF 2019: final thoughts

The first thing I want to do is formally express surprise at the lack of a freak out throughout my stay in Edinburgh – and as I’ve struggled to catch up with everything since then. Hit with a non-compliant laptop the night before my trip, having to head up there on the overnight National Express, […]

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Crocodile Fever

From the outside, Alannah seems content: her home is in pristine condition, keeping her occupied for the best part of each day. It’s a quiet existence – all the more so with her sister Fianna’s long absence. But is she really happy? And could there be a deadly dark secret ready to burst out of […]

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