2020 mid-year update

  Against my usual penchant for starting off slowly and then steadily heading for entropy, I went straight in at the deep end this year: my first week back in London (& the first full week of the year) was set down as #MindTheMusicals 2020! That means, of course, I began my theatregoing year by […]

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Olivier Awards 2020 – nominees

Just like last year, my initial reaction has been largely positive (unlike pretty much anything to do with this year’s WhatsOnStage Awards). It’s never going to be perfect, by any means, but some of my top priority shows have got some recognition – and there have even been a selection of lovely surprises too. That […]

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Coming up in 2020…

What I’d usually do here is say I’m aiming to be sensible again, but that clearly doesn’t work – at the most it lasts about one or two months and then anything goes… So I’ll just say that I’ll think carefully about my reviewing commitments, and then everything else can sort itself out organically. What […]

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Uncle Vanya

Theatre company Tales Retold returns to The Hope Theatre, this time for a limited run of their new reworked version of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. One of their aims is to “explore classic tales in innovative ways” – and they certainly do that with this production, as it chops what is usually a 2.5-hour play (with an […]

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2014 in Theatreland

I’m working on an obligatory ‘top shows of 2014’ post, but just for now I thought it would be interesting to see exactly what shows I’ve managed to see this year – it’s ended up being quite a range… …until you reach the end, that is! Apologies – not the best formatting ever, but it’s […]

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